Had He Made The Wrong Choice?

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Had he made the wrong choice?

Michael Rodriguez asked himself that question as the scene at the piano played out. Not for the first time, however the difference between this time and the others, was that he now believed he answer to be yes.

Hyde and Seek was meant to be the breakout film for Katrina Ellis Binetti, or Kat Ellis, as she was to be first-billed on the opening credits, and was the name already prominently displayed on publicity posters; her transition from ex-child and teen star to full on adult idol, and darling of the critics. Sure, Kat thought she 'd already made it with an Academy Award nomination, but to Michael, that meant little. The Oscars were nothing but a popularity contest, and nominations paid for by those film
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It was a film to be driven by the performances, where the naturalness and believability of the characters on the screen was of the up-most importance. Only when the audience could empathise and identify with those they were watching - to forget that these people were not real, that their fears and desires were fiction -, would the movie be able to shock and disturb the audience in the manner Michael craved for it to do. He wanted Hyde and Seek to be burned into their memories forever, and in Katrina, thought he 'd found the perfect actress to help him achieve that goal.

A young woman with the precise combination of beauty, innocence and sensuality Michael had envisaged when he 'd first conceived of the story, she 'd come with a great resume, and had charmed and wowed all at auditions. More importantly, though the explicitness of the sex scenes she 'd be contractually obliged to participate in had been underplayed, Kat had shown no hesitation at the thought of baring all for the camera, or voiced any concerns about the provocative sexuality her characters would be required to display.

It was his fault. Michael should have filmed her being fucked on the casting couch, or at least demanded she strip and spread her legs for the crew before he 'd offered the role, to ensure she wasn 't some frigid virgin. Because as he was discovering, once under the glare of the lights, with camera 's rolling, and eyes of cast
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