Hades Creation

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The Creation of Death Long ago in ancient Greek two divine brother Zeus and Hades got into a little argument that got way out of hand. It was on a foggy night that Hades was simply eating bread and drinking wine in the hall of gods way up on Mount Olympus. Gods have massive appetites so it takes a great feast to appease one. After finishing his royal dinner Hades decided he was too lazy to pick up the mess, thus mortally offending zeus, no one makes a mess in the house of the king. Enraged, Zeus thinks it over rolling ideas around in his head. Not only thinking about what to do, but also why and how far he should really take this minor incident. Eventually, Zeus comes to the conclusion that he must make a statement, so no one ever tries such an act of peasantry again. Apollo messenger of the gods…show more content…
At first Hades just toyed with the idea of taking Zeus, simply thinking what greater revenge than that. But just like any revenge plot it will fester inside of you until you get revenge or find satisfaction elsewhere. It wasn’t long before Hades had a complex plan to make it back to Mount Olympus unnoticed. Now in a cave inside Mount Olympus itself Hades begins to refresh his memory of the great halls and castles, and finally tries to poison the food that was offered to the gods by humans. However, Zeus would soon find out after only barely tasting the wine and feeling slightly ill. Now that his plan was thwarted Hades flew into another rage and returned to the Underworld. Now days we still suffer from this simple argument that turned into something much greater. Hades out of rage has caused many pandemics and epidemics throughout the years including the Yellow Fever, the Black Plague, the Plague of Athens, Smallpox, and much more but most noticeably his most clever attempt yet and most recent
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