Hadrian's Wall

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Hadrian 's Wall

Although it was completed almost 1900 years ago, the Roman ruin known today as Hadrian 's wall remains remarkably intact, and retains much of its former glory and mystique. Located in northern England, and stretching across nearly 80 miles of the hilly countryside of Northumbria, the ruin marks the northernmost expansion of one of the greatest civilizations in human history. It is architecturally significant as an astounding achievement of ancient engineering and design, and historically significant as a reminder of the military and political struggles of ancient Rome and Britannia. It is one of the most famed of all Roman ruins, and is unquestionably the most famous such edifice constructed so far from the
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Shortly after becoming the boy 's guardian, Trajan was called to duty in the northern sections of the empire near modern day Germany, and he took Hadrian with him to Rome. As Trajan fought battles in the north, Hadrian was undergoing his Roman education and becoming acquainted with the different culture and philosophy of the capital city of Rome. During the period he made valuable friends and political connections, and became close with Trajan. When Hadrian was 20, following political struggles, the throne was taken over by Emperor Nerva in the year 96 A.D. Two years later Trajan, Hadrian 's cousin and guardian, became emperor of the entire Roman Empire, and Hadrian became his apparent heir to the throne. In the year 117, at the age of 41, Hadrian began his reign as Emperor. Many of his biographer 's suggest that because he was born and raised in Spain, Hadrian never became entirely accustomed to the ways of Rome. It is suggested that this is the reason why he seemed happier to spend much of his reign traveling to the far reaches of the empire. Whatever the reason behind his behavior, he became famous for his travels, and visited more of the empire than any other Roman leader. It was his interest in the

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