Hae Min Lee Essay

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Recently in English we were discussing and learning about the murder of Hae Min Lee and gathering information to see if her boyfriend, Adnan Syed should still be locked up or finally set free. I believe that Adnan Syed is not guilty and should be released from prison. I believe that Jay Wildes should be the man in prison for the rest of his life. Adnan’s “friend” Jay had a lot of information about the day Hae went missing but Adnan not so much, this is one of the reasons I believe Adnan is not guilty. Adnan and Jay had two completely different stories about what happened that day. Jay claimed that Adnan and him went to the mall to buy Jay’s girlfriend Stephanie gifts for her birthday and while they were out shopping Adnan told Jay that he was going to kill his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. While Adnan claims that he already bought Stephanie a stuffed reindeer and wanted to check on Jay to see if he got Stephanie a…show more content…
In the first version of his alibi he didn’t tell cops that he was with his friend Jen throughout the day and during the time Hae was killed but in the second version he did. He told the police that he indeed did go to the mall but told the cops two different malls, in the second version he says that him and Adnan meet at Security Square Mall and then leave to get high and while they’re gone Adnan supposedly makes the vicious act of murder. In the first version Jay said that he did not help Adnan bury Hae that all he did was bring shovels to make the burial easier, but in his second version he says he did help Adnan bury Hae. Jay told the cops that he had Jen take him to his work the day after the murder so he could throw out the clothes and boots he was wearing the day before. Adnan claimed that he did not know where Hae car was but when cops asked Jay if he knew where the car was he knew right away and led the cops to Hae’s
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