Hag Seed Analysis

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Unexpected occurrences take place that are negative, and these might be things which one does not have control over. Authors often use internal struggles as a mental imprisonment that one much conquers in order to achieve their full potential. In Hag Seed, Felix is backstabbed, kicked out of his job as the director of the Makeshiweg theater festival, and put on his journey to prove to those who betrayed him that they were wrong but most importantly he has to show himself that he can overcome the harsh obstacles of failure and rejection. The psychotic break Felix suffers after his termination, and Miranda’s death, motivates him to direct The Tempest, which ultimately heals him.
With the acceptance that his career, in his mind, is over, Felix leaves the theater and consumed with revenge. Humiliated, he retreats from society. Alone in a tiny hut, he mourns his lost little girl, Miranda, who died not long before he was ousted from his position, and he plots his revenge on his replacement, Tony Price. Refusal to tackle the situation head on leads to a path of self-wallowing. Felix’s mind is clouded with possibilities of how he can hurt Tony because forgiving takes more work and effort. He starts to realize “that his spying is a little deranged, though only a little” (Atwood 44). With hopes of bettering himself, Felix searches for a job hoping to gain control back to his life. He could not have found a more suitable position. He starts his own theatre with the inmates who are
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