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University of Education Township Campus Lahore Enterprise Resource Planning Assignment #2 Muhammad Haseeb Afzal........BSIT-S10-M04 Question#1 Define Moore’s Law and explain why it is significant in the development of ERP. Is Moore’s Law still holding? Moore's law predicts that this trend will continue into the foreseeable future. Although the pace has slowed, the number of transistors per square inch has since doubled approximately every 18 months. This meant that the capabilities of computer hardware were doubling every 18 months. During this time, computer software was also advancing to take advantage of the increasing capabilities of computer hardware. In…show more content…
Without an ERP solution in place, creating that kind of cross-departmental coordination and workflow execution can be quite challenging. * Another reason an ERP solution is so critical is their ability to increase information consistency and accuracy. Many companies still suffer from “multiple versions of the truth” – incorrect and inconsistent information across the business. For example, if the accounting department and the contact center access two different databases which aren’t integrated, a customer with a billing question will likely get an inaccurate answer if they call the contact center for assistance. These problems, although they may appear small on the surface, can add up, leading to bigger customer satisfaction and retention issues that can negatively impact revenues and market share. * In today’s dynamic and highly competitive marketplace, it can seriously hinder productivity, profitability, and growth. The primary reason an ERP solution is so vital to a company’s success is efficiency. Cumbersome, error-prone, labor-intensive manual processes can drain both time and money. Businesses must operate as lean as possible in order to keep the bottom line in check, and failing to automate critical yet routine business activities makes it nearly

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