Hahm-Beller Value Choice Inventory Analysis

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I distributed the Hahm-Beller Values Choice Inventory (HBVCI) to 17 athletes on the track and field team 7 did not respond. Although, I reviewed a limited number of returns on the survey they ones I got provided accurate and consistent feedback. In the following I will discuss what are some areas of strength I see in the team, and areas that need improvements, I will also provide details on how that improvement can be achieved.
In one of the brief videos Dave Holden mentioned that the higher the total score the athlte follows the rules closer. I say this because when I was distributing the survey I fully believed that the athletes that were participating would score low. I believed this for two reasons, the first, they are young athletes, and the second there has been many instances where the lack of moral and ethical coaching has been showed, by skipping practice the reaction to tough workouts and several other things.
The first three questions of the HBVCI ( 1-1, 2-2, 4-3) showed how outstanding the athletes I work are. As a majority they all scored on the higher end. Leaning more towards the rule following state of mind. As a coach I attempted to stress through actions that following the rules in life are key and are important step in the first impression and also the completion of college. I show this by showing up on …show more content…

And in sports where that they are familiar with they are willing to do the right thing and not take the upper hand. It also showed me areas I need to improve, I need to have someone come speak about the important of an opponent. It also showed me that I need to teach that it is okay to questions authority, something that I can cover in the weekly team meetings. However, I will start by talking to the coaching staff on how we can make a plan to achive both of

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