Hahna Character Analysis

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Amira is a beautiful girl with brown hair and brown eyes.She is 13 years old she is Muslim and she lives in Pakistan.Pakistan is a very hot place, is like a desert there are many poor people and destroy buildings.All the houses are little because in Pakistan theres only poor people.
As always Amira bring water to her home and then she go to play with Hana (her best friend).The tradition of sacrificing is coming so her father bring a monkey.Amira didn't realize that it is for the tradition so she took it like a pet she name him Choko as soon as she see Hana she told her about Choko “Hi Hana gues what!” Amira yell. “What?” Hana answer. “My parents buy a monkey!do you want to come home to see it?” Amira ask. “of course!” scream Hana.
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Amira and Hana start thinking, Hana say that they clould hide Choko until the tradition finish. The tradition is getting closer and Amira’s parents where searching for Choko, they hear Hana and Amira talking about Choo.Their parents enter into the room and start taking with Amira: “Amira how can you did dis is for de family tradition!” her mom claim. “I am so disappointed,” her father complain. “because first I think it was a pet and i become fond of Choko,” Amira cried.
Amira and her parents start arguing for a long time until her parents understand that Amira really love Choko so they let Amira keep Choko, her father buy another animal to share with the family and now Amira is super Glad because she have
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