Hahna Christenson Character Analysis

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Hana Christenson Patience, compassion, motivation, and kindness perfectly portray Hana Christensen. She is always looking for someone to help and enjoys building new things. Hana always knows how to put a smile on one’s face and sets an amazing example to her peers.
Hana Christenson lives with her mother and father, older brother and younger sister. She says, “My parents have taught me how to make good decisions, and my siblings taught me what I should and shouldn’t do” Moreover, her family makes a strong impact on how Hana makes decisions. Hana and her family enjoy going on vacations, playing games, and most importantly, spending quality time together. Furthermore, Hana says that her family is very important to her in that they are always there when she is going through hard times. The Christensen's are both American, and Japanese, which makes this family especially unique. Hana recalls a time when her family and her missed a train ride and learned an important lesson. Hana remembers learning how to better get along with her siblings and how to work together.
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She says that one of her greatest accomplishments in school is getting good grades and being able to try hard in school. Hana is a big role model in her school and takes part in Leadership 2. She says, “School is important to me, and a good education is important to me because it sets a path to how your life tures out.” Hana’s favorite core class at school is science because it's really interesting and fun and she likes learning new things. In addition, Hana’s favorite elective is Leadership 2 because she gets to work in groups and be more apart in helping her school become a better
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