Haiden: A Short Story

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“Hey, look guys, it’s Whitney Houston!” Called a voice from behind Haiden. He recognized the voice, it was Ben, Ben was the meanest, rudest, angriest kid in the whole 7th grade; there were rumors that he literally steals candy from babies. Haiden turned around and saw the monstrosity of a boy walk up to him, his posse trotting behind him like loyal dogs. “That’s not my name, Ben” Haiden retorted. “What was that, Whitey?” Ben asked, taking a step forward, his breath smelled rancid, like he’d just eaten a live skunk, spittle foaming at the tips of his brown lips. “Nothing” Haiden mumbled, looking down at his feet. Haiden knew what would happen if he got defiant, a painful trip up the flagpole. Ben smiled in wicked delight. “Now I don’t wanna see you in my hall…show more content…
Biology, the longest class in history. it was only awful because Mr. Gray taught it. Mr. Gray was so monotone and dull, he made boring fall asleep. And he was so old, it’s hard to believe he wasn’t a fossil. Haiden slumped his shoulders and walked in. “As you can see here by the diagram here class, all homosepians have 99.9% of the same genetic makeup.” Mr. Gray’s monotone voice said. “So that means, I am almost the same as all of you.” he said, pointing to everyone in the room. THAT sent shivers down Haiden’s spine, the same as the most boring man ever? No way. Suddenly Haiden got an idea, a brilliant idea, the king of king ideas! This was going to rid him of Ben’s cruelness forever. In the morning Haiden got dressed, ate and ran out the door. Reaching middle school, he went down the hall, he had been banished from. he glanced over and saw Ben’s cronies muttering to each other, staring at Haiden. Haiden continued down the hall. He saw Ben talking with a girl to his left. “Hey, Ben, what’s up?” Ben shooed the girl away and straightened his
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