Haidt Definition Of Morality

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What is Morality? Moral reasoning, human feelings should not affect moral judgement because our feelings h individual’s interests are equally important. Thus, there are no privileged people. The minimum conception can be stated in a different way: Morality is the effort to guide one’s conduct by reason, that is, to do what there are the best reason for doing- while giving equal weight to the interests of each individual who will be affected by what one does. (Ibid: 14). May be irrational and under the influence of prejudice, selfishness, or cultural conditioning. Indeed, morality is, first and foremost, a matter of consulting reason. The consideration of impartiality is emphasized by almost every theory of morality. It basically considers eac Moral philosophy is the human beings’ attempt to reach a reasonable understanding of morality and how we…show more content…
The most excepted definition belongs to Turiel (1983:3), he defines morality as “prescriptive judgements of justice, rights, and welfare pertaining to how people ought to relate to each other”. Haidt (2008) has recently proposed an alternative definition to morality. Rather than limiting the content of a truly moral judgement, he focuses on the functions of moral systems. Haidt (2008:70) defines morality as “moral systems are interlocking sets of values, practices, institutions, and evolved psychological mechanisms that work together to suppress or regulate selfishness and make social life possible”. Haidt introduces two common kinds of moral systems that is, two ways of suppressing selfishness. Suppressing selfishness for some societies is to protect people directly by their judicial system and by educating citizens to respect other individual’s rights. Other cultures enhance moral values by supporting groups and institutions, and by strengthening social relations through collective roles and
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