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Haier: Global Strategy Case Write-up Ryan Munge Problem statement: From the case I have identified that Haier faces a two-sided problem opposing their efforts to execute their global strategy. First, Haier’s success internationally has been to enter niche markets in developed countries in order gain a strong market share in these niches. However, if they hope to reach their expansion goals in these countries, they must expand beyond these niche markets and enter more mainstream markets against large competitors such as GE and Whirlpool. Second, Haier must also find a way to more effectively gain a foothold in poorer, developing countries such as India, something that they have struggled to do so far. Therefore, I would say the major…show more content…
This is accomplished through a combination of salespeople providing market intelligence (bolstered by the decision to hire locally and maintain open communication with customers) to managers, who would then assess the design before decided whether or not to proceed. By listening to their customers, and then quickly responding to their needs, Haier has the potential to flood a market with unique, innovative products quickly. However, Haier’s expansion into these developed nations is not without its issues. In order to gain shelving space in large retailers such as WalMart, Haier focused on gaining a large market share in niche markets such as compact refrigerators. By focusing on gaining a large share of these niche markets, Haier has successfully gotten its products into most of the large U.S. retail outlets. The cost, however, is the Haier is seen as a company that offers great products, but not products that meet the needs of everyday people, such as full-size refrigerators. Haier has also experienced struggles in their expansion efforts, especially in developing countries such as India. One of the biggest hurdles to expansion in these countries is the fact that it was much harder for Haier to find big-name chain stores such as WalMart or Target to

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