Haier’s Globalization Case Analysis

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Problem Statement
With the entry into WTO, Chinese household appliances industry begins facing the globalization challenges and also worldwide learning challenges. Haier has started its formal globalization in 1997, and has been able to set up a successful example in competing with those challenges. However, the coming years are bringing more challenges including how to establish itself as a major localized US brand, integrate with locality, build brand recognition and manage its brand.
Reputation of the brand and company’s creativity has long been the Haier’s main strengths for competing inside China. As a result, the sign of success in global competition is also supposed to be the brand. Meeting consumer’s needs is always
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As time goes, a value level should be achieved that Haier brand should show and lead a way of life, and pursue of high quality and fashion. About brand development, Haier only launches its most competitive products in the developed countries. When Haier has rooted its brand reputation, it could then extend its product line. Human resource management is also one of the most key factors to help establish global brand image, enhance business dynamic and also multi-culture in company. People with different experiences and knowledge are both active and creative in designing products that meet specific objectives in different culture. An international division structure should be
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