Haigh's Chocolates

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Company’s competitors list includes Cadbury’s, nestle and Mayfield chocolates. Indirectly saying, these are the factors which push the company to do much and much better to survive in the long term. Competitors ‘analysis is very important to understand their frame of mind and then formulate certain policies. Where Cadbury’s is known for its variety rather a colourful variety of chocolates available for everyone, Haigh’s is a brand which is known for premium chocolates and available for every single person who wants a perfect gift for someone or who just someday wishes to treat himself. Players in the market are few but the competition is fiercely high. Godiva chocolatier, Charbonnel ET walker are some direct competitors of the brand whereas Jelly belly, Selamlique are some indirect ones. The main competitive advantage to this company is that its chocolates are Australian made and owned. Customers’ review says that no matter Haigh’s chocolates are priced more than other brands like Cadbury’s but they are happy paying as Haigh’s seem to taste far better. While some say that
is better choice to them. Where in the year 2012, competitors like Cadbury’s announced a chocolate that could survive 40 degrees Celsius of heat and the one like Nestle got a recipe patent for the
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Haigh’s has always given world class experience of chocolates to its customers without compromising with quality. This has obviously proven to be another great strength of the company. The reputation and positioning of the family business in the market is another strong point. Innovation of the company lies in its concept of factory tours by its customers which brings in customer’s awareness and a sense of reliability. Internally seeing, the senior management of the family business is its strength as the love and affection for the business is in the blood of Haigh’s managing
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