Hair By Hilma Contreras And Park Cinema

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“Hair” by Hilma Contreras and “Park Cinema” by Elena Poniatowska are short stories rich in their context as depicted through their characters. Both authors depict similar male protagonists with specific differences. The resemblance amongst these two characters is made prevalent through the portrayal of male weakness. The primary character flaw possessed by both male protagonists is obsession. Aside from obsession, there are comparable themes carried throughout both short stories. “Hair” and “Park Cinema” both incorporate motifs including, destruction of beauty, hate, lust, and most prevalently, obsession. Although there are several similarities between the two male characters represented in each story, the women, however portrayed differently. Both authors use married men who obsess over unattainable women. The wives depicted in each story have different reactions to their husband’s obsessive conduct. Nonetheless, the obsessiveness covered in both short stories results in rage. In “Hair” by Hilma Contreras, Luciano, a pharmacist expresses his vexation with a young girl, Natividad 's beautiful long chestnut hair. In the story, the theme of obsession is displayed by Luciano’s fixation with Natividad’s hair, “If he lifted his eyes from his work, the hair was there, on the street, on the balcony, at the window, on the terrace. There came a moment when his mind was so disturbed by the effect of the mass of hair, that the prescriptions he was filling made no sense” (Contreras

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