Hair Oil India

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Investor Presentation
May 2011

Industry Overview

Industry Size and Structure
FMCG Rs.116,100 cr (USD 24.8 bn)

Hair Care Rs. 9,200 cr (USD 2.0 bn)

8% salience

Shampoo Rs. 2,840 cr (USD 600 mn) (31.0%)*

Perfumed Oil Rs. 2,900 cr (USD 623 mn) (32.0%)*

Coconut Oil Rs.2,100 cr (USD 448 mn) (23.1%)*

Hair Conditioners Rs. 100 cr (USD 17 bn) (0.9%)*

Hair Dyes Rs. 1,200 cr (USD 253 mn) (13.0%)*

Hair Oil Market

Coconut based Oils (51%)*

Heavy Amla based Oils (15%)*

Light Hair Oils (14%)*

Cooling Oils (12%) *

Others (8%)*

Perfumed Hair Oil Segment
Source: The AC Nielsen Retail Audit Report. Only branded products data for FY 09-10

* Value based share of Hair Care Market

Hair Oil is > 55% of
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However, smaller units to increase rural penetration

West 22.0%

North 52.0% East 22.0%

Sales tend to be concentrated in the Northern regions of the country which is also the fastest growing zone

Source: AC Nielsen

Company Overview

Bajaj Corp Ltd. (BCL) – An Overview
 Part of Bajaj Group which has business interests in varied industries including sugar, consumer goods, power generation & infrastructure development
Subsidiary of Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd. (BCCL)

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