Hair Salon Owners : The Beauty And Business Industries

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Hair salon owners are professionals in the beauty and business industries. They may own high-end salons with a large team of stylists, nail technicians and aestheticians or small, home-based operations with only a few employees. Many hair salon owners do double duties, both working directly with customers and managing the operations side of the salon. Hair salon owners who also perform styling duties on customers will need to complete formal cosmetology training and earn a license. Owners who strictly manage the salon don 't need to complete any formal education, though some business coursework is beneficial. However, the only specific duties of owning a hair salon may be different according to that particular salon. Generally, being a salon owner includes interacting with clients, hairstyling, and performing other beauty procedures. To add, salon owners may provide aesthetic services such as waxing, makeup application and skincare. Salon owners generally choose a certain product line that the salon will work with; in some cases, the owner receives specialized training in that product line, and arranges for employees to receive the training and certification as well. On the business side, a salon owner 's responsibilities may include accounting, staff management, hiring and management of a staff, marketing, and salon design. For example, the salon owner may acquire office space, design and decorate the salon, order supplies and advertise the salon 's services. The salon

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