Hair Thesis

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Hair through the ages.
Since the beginning of time, hair and hairstyles has been very important to the human race. Hair and the way it is styled is not only an adornment, but it also tells us more about the personalities, social class or the profession of people. Hairstyles have been developing from ancient times and are still in the process of changing today. With every new era comes a new way of creating and styling our hair.

The Egyptians

Ancient Egyptians are known for their attention to beauty and cleanliness. They used various items and techniques to style their hair. For them the way they wore their hair was based on the social class they were in. They used combs, hairpins, wigs and even dyed their hair and wigs. Blue,
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Diadems were also used to beautify.
The classic period hairstyle of Sparta was the ponytail. The warrior-like mentality Sparta had their hairstyles became less attractive. Both sexes wore ponytails. Men wore to keep the hair while battle. Men focused more on physical athleticism than on the attractiveness of their hair.
Women also wore ponytails, because of the simplicity of the hairstyle, although they were more focused on the attractiveness of their hair and adorned their hair with ribbons, pearls and beads.
Curls were another very important part of ancient Greek hairstyles. Curls were used to enhance the beauty of the chignon. Curls and blonde hair was seen to be very beautiful, because many Greek gods and goddesses had blonde curly hair.
Social class were marked by hairstyles. Wealthier, aristocratic women wore long decorated hair, while female servants wore short, cropped hair. Men wore short hairstyles with clean-shaven faces, they even occasionally preferred to be fully shaved.

Hair in ancient Rome
Roman fashions did not change much over the centuries and were generally very simple, but hairstyle fashion was ever changing. Their styles are so distinctive that they are still used today, some exactly the same and others are just influences.
Like today, hair for the Romans expressed personal identity as much as clothes. Their styles were determined by various factors, namely gender, age, social status, wealth and profession. Hair was a very erotic area of

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