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Proportion is the comparative relationship of one thing to another. A well-chosen hairstyle can create the illusion of better proportion. It is essential when designing a hairstyle to take into account the client’s body shape and size. Challenges in body proportion become more obvious if the hair form is too small or too large. A general guide for classic proportion is that the hair should not be wider than the center of the shoulders, regardless of the body structure.

Proportion is also defined as any portion or part in relation to the whole. No one certain feature or style produces beauty but rather the relationship or harmony created when all components come together into a total image. Why does a hairstyle, for example, look great on one
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Many have a side of the face that appears heavier. Many have one eye that is slightly smaller or one flare of the nose that is slightly larger. And so, adaptability becomes the first design consideration. During your client consultation, take the time to make notations of the asymmetry to the face. If we design the hair towards the “low” side of the face, we will accentuate it. If we duplicate the head form with either fullness or the lack thereof, we emphasize it. Feel the bones of the head and take note of the growth patterns in the outer and inner perimeters. Remember that the outer perimeter creates the strongest influence to the features. Be very careful about the hair that touches the face. Will it point to an unflattering feature, such as a pointed nose? If there is a protrusion of the frontal bone, the fringe area will lift and dry shorter than anticipated. We have found that working with two mirrors is of tremendous benefit: one for the frontal view and one for the profile. Watch that you do not accentuate a poor profile with an extension in that area. The mirrors will tell you things that the eye cannot see directly. In addition, using a haircutting chair gives the best view of the back and sides of the head because you are looking directly into them. If you are looking down at the hairline, your vision is altered. (No, it is not for your feet; although that is a
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