Haiti International Aid

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As a businessperson struggling to grow my Haitian farming business, I will need the international aid to stop sending rice. Haiti government needs to decline free aid because companies such as mine will not be able to compete because international aid has led to subsidies in the market. International aid has saved lives but has dug the poor in a hole so deep it will be impossible for them to come out without a change in the way non-governmental organization (NGO) are helping third world countries. In the current system governments such as the United States have been shipping aid for free to third world countries in order to jump start their economy and leap in to the industrial market. This has been a huge gamble which will never pay off because in the famous quote written in the bible it says: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” The meaning of this quote is that you cannot feed a nation and expect them to thrive without first becoming…show more content…
There is no possible way for my company Haiti’s All Natural to compete with the subsidies the international community has provided. The US has provided rice at such a low price that it has given them a comparative advantage over Haiti’s All Natural. The Haitian government needs to instigate protectionism on my company by increasing the current tariffs placed on international products which directly compete with my company. The Current international aid system led by NGO needs to revise their plans on how best to help third world countries modernize into the current industrial era. Third world countries need to become self-sufficient in order decrease the poverty gap and provide companies to compete at a completive playing field in a global
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