Haiti Is Located In Central America, And Is Also Bordered

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Haiti is located in Central America, and is also bordered by the Caribbean Sea. The size of the country is comparable to the state of Maryland in the United States; however, it is marginally smaller. As of July 2016, the estimated population was 10,485,800. (CIA) Haiti is probably most well known for being the location where a devastating earthquake hit. This earthquake took place in 2010, and it killed more than 200,000 people. (BBC News) The earthquake completely destroyed not only the land, but also the economy. I chose this country because I was curious to find out exactly how the earthquake affected the country’s economy. I also chose this country because not a whole lot of people talk about Haiti, and I don’t really know anything…show more content…
They were losing money, because they were just handing the rice out for free. It also put local businesses out of business because people weren’t going there and paying to get rice. Instead, they were getting it for free. As the import issue gets fixed, things will start going back to normal and people will start paying cash for their food. Relief agencies were going to transition into handing out food vouchers for the people to use to get their rice. (Frontline) This could be good, but if you hand out too many and increase demand a lot at the same time there is limited supply; moreover, this could cause prices to increase tremendously. This would then cause inflation. As the ports are being fixed, then rice wholesalers can get their rice, sell it to vendors, which can then sell rice to wholesalers on the street, and then finally sell food on the streets. (Frontline) As a result of this, the prices will then decrease. Economic Costs are payments that every country has to involve in their economy. Violent crime is a conflict that most people may not think affects a country’s economic status. Every country has some form of security to keep the population safe, and to try and limit the amount of crimes committed throughout the country. Security is a necessity; however, it requires money to keep the system going. When a country like Haiti has to have lots of security, that requires what is called

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