Haiti Island Hispaniola Research Paper

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1492 - Christopher Columbus accidentally lands on present day Haiti and Dominican Republic and conquers the island for Spain,naming the island Hispaniola.
1697 - Spain gives the western part of Hispaniola to France, and this becomes it is called Ayiti.
1801 - Toussaint Louverture (a former slave) becomes the self- proclaimed leader of Haiti and ends slavery
1804 - Haiti becomes independent from France and Jean-Jacques Dessalines declares himself emperor.
1806 - Dessalines is murdered and Haiti is split into a black north and mulatto south
1818-43 - Pierre Boyer unifies the north and south of Haiti, but excludes blacks from power.
1915 - US invades and "monitors" Haiti
1934 - US removes troops, but holds fiscal control for 13 more years
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June 2006 - An elected government takes office, headed by Jacques-Edouard Alexis
August/September 2008 - Almost 800 people are killed due to numerous hurricanes and storms
July 2009 - World Bank and International Monetary Fund void 80% of Haiti's debt ($1.2 billion USD) due to Haiti's extreme poverty and attempts at economic reform.
January 2010 - Over 300,000 people are killed in a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that hits Port-au-Prince
October-December 2010 - Cholera outbreak kills 3,500 lives
May 2011 - Michael Martelly becomes president.
July 2011- Cholera outbreak death toll increases to almost 6,000 lives
January 2012 - Presidential Martelly gives the proposal of rebooting Haiti's army, which was demobilized in 1995.
October 2012- Hundreds protest and call for the resignation of President Martelly. Martelly is accused of not fulfilling his promise to help the impoverished.
November 2015 - Riots arise near Port-au-Prince because of suspicions of an altered electoral vote
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