Haiti Surviving after the Earthquake

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The effects caused by the earthquakes are devastating. It causes losses of human life and has effects on the infrastructure and economy. Earthquakes can happen at any time anywhere. In January 12, 2010 an earthquake of a magnitude of 7.0 hit the nation of Haiti. An estimation of 316,000 people was killed and more than 1.3 million of Haitians were left homeless (Earthquake Information for 2010). Haiti was lead in a terrified chaos. After the earthquake, families were separated because many of the members were killed. The homes, schools, and hospitals were demolished. People loss their most value belongings. It would take time to the country to recover from this terrible disaster. The long terms are environmental, health, and economic issues that effect in the beautiful island of Haiti.
Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Americas. Agriculture is one of the incomes of the population. However, everything changes after the 2010 earthquake. The losses caused by the quake were approximately in $8 billons and $14 billons. Joblessness and the lack of food, and clean water further affect the economy because people chose to immigrate to other places for work such as Dominican Republic (Haiti earthquake). Furthermore, “Haiti was a Republic of non-governmental organization to become a Republic of unemployment,” and in order to accomplish an economical growth Haiti needs the investment of companies that can invest in the country to help many of the people to have a job.
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