Haiti : The Starving Country

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Victor Alvarez
Mr. Nordlund
Honors English I
May 21, 2015
Haiti: The Starving Country “Over 100,000 children under five suffer from acute malnutrition while one child out of three is stunted, or irreversibly short for their age.”(“Hunger”) This staggering statistic is due to one of the world’s biggest problems, hunger. Hunger is a problem that many developing countries face, one of the biggest victims to hunger is the small Caribbean country of Haiti. Hunger in Haiti affects the entire country, from the rural countrysides to the major cities. Though hunger is already a big issue for Haiti, it has gotten worse in the past decade due to the extreme poverty, heavy storms, and natural disasters that the country has faced. “In 1997 some 1.2 million Haitians didn 't have enough food to eat. A decade later the number had more than doubled. Today, that figure is 6.7 million, that goes without food some days, can 't afford a balanced diet or has limited access to food.”(“Goldberg”) Natural disasters and extreme poverty have played large roles in Haiti’s growing hunger problem. Poverty plays a big role in hunger. Haiti has always had an issue with poverty, but it continues to get worse. “Haiti 's minimum wage is 200 gourdes a day. Late last year, that salary was equivalent to about $4.75; today it 's about $4.54 – a small difference that makes a big strain on the Haitian budget.” (Goldberg). Haiti saw a period when it’s minimum wage rose, but now it’s decreasing again. In
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