Compare And Contrast Haiti And The United States

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Our planet is filled with different countries, who are developed or are developing. What determines whether these countries are developed or developing is the features within, such as health care, the economy, education, crime rate, etc. Developed nations do majority of the time take the trophy in those features. When it comes to the United States, a developed nation, and Haiti, a developing nation, the U.S. is more efficient is health care, economic structure and education than Haiti.
Health care is one of the many prominent issues that every country faces, but the United States is more efficient in that category compared to Haiti. Cancer is an illness cause by a constant division of cells that are abnormal in the body. Cancer, being the leading
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Education is one of the strongest building blocks of a nation. The United States offers may opportunities for individuals who would like to further their knowledge and become professionals in what they do. Education can start as low as Pre-K to getting your PhD. Access to education in the U.S. is very abundant. Not only do they offer public schools but they offer online course and even classes for students with disabilities. The U.S. continuously urges individuals to attend and complete school. In Haiti education is much harder to acquire. Most schools in Haiti are private schools with tuition costs which, along with transportation, uniform and supplies are too expensive for some parents. Many children drop out after primary school, and half of the children do even not attend school (World Bank 2013). The literacy rate is between 55-65% in Haiti and that is because the teacher does lack basic qualifications. Ultimately, developed and developing nations strive to improve their society. Neither are perfect but developed countries are more adjusted than developing. The United States compared to Haiti has shown much more effective qualities when it comes to health care, economic structure and education. Every country should continue to work forward in assisting their civilians in order for them to
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