Hakim: An Afghan Boy and his Death Essay

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Hakim watched the American General writher around in a mask of pain. He looked away; he could not bear to watch this torment. Hakim knew he was not cut out to be a part of this merciless gang that everyone called the Taliban. But Hakim knew that the Taliban were not murderers. He was certain that what they did was only for the good of the people. They had never harmed anyone before. But all that changed with the humiliating and public death of the leader of the gang, his father.
Hakim could not forgive the monsters that were the American Military that sought after his father’s blood since he became aware of the world. He could not suppress the anger, which threatened to become volatile, as he though back to the destruction that the American’s caused in his peaceful country of Afghanistan.
The general’s shriek brought Hakim out of his trance. He glanced down and noticed that the General’s empty gun was probing into his now gushing wound. But Hakim couldn’t find it in himself to care as the images of his father’s humiliating and public death were still fresh in his mind. But it was not the death itself that made Hakim’s blood boil. It was the fact that his father’s death had sparked celebration among the American people. It was this news that made Hakim vindictive. How dare they celebrate the death of someone so noble?
Hakim faced the General again. He was to make sure that the General did not die. That was his job. The General would just suffer in pain but he would not die.…