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Hal’s World of Learning In Shakespeare’s play Henry IV Part 1 Prince Hal’s world influences him to transform into a strong leader that will influence . With all the detail of politics and the diverse of social status of the Tavern, the King, and the Rebels; each sector of this story has compiled together to create Hal from a rebellious boy into a persona with ideals and experience. In the Tavern we run into Hal and what is considered Hal’s second father, Falstaff. Falstaff is a man who is known for creating trouble. Falstaff has no inheritance, the lowest of lower class; and by the eyes of the wealthy, a nobody. What makes Falstaff so important to Hal is companionship. Throughout the tavern they laugh and have sympathy for…show more content…
Hal, assuming that it is about his interactions at the Tavern, because royalty usually does not “hang out” with common folk, is hesitant to go. Falstaff then sets a mock rehearsal to prepare Hal for his meet up. When the mock audition nears an end the immersion is broken as Falstaff question if he and Hal would still be friends and not banish him from his presence, Hal speaks “I do. I will.” the importance of this, is that when Hal is declared king, he will no longer be friends with Falstaff. He will terminate any friendship that does not seem fit with the courts. This scene is a key point which shows that Hal is not just Hal, but a Prince, who is conscious of his actions and mistakes; he knows fully well the responsibility and power which he has over the country. A boy who is changing to a man, a leader of men, and this will become more apparent as the play continues…show more content…
Being a King is no easy task, it is full of responsibility, action, and a strong-willed spirit. His interactions will teach him how to rule. having to look at all fronts in the courts, in the tavern with Falstaff, rich, poor, or the face of war and death, all of this will compile to a person who will be just and wise. He is not looking for a format to follow, or simply fill in the shoes his father left, but is creating his own way of ruling, and each influence will add to his own individuality and to his country, as he even says himself “I shall hereafter, my thrice-gracious lord,/ Be more myself.” (S.3. A.3. Versus 92-93) Hal is now going into his final transformation from prince, to
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