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Danilo Capcha Professor Sande English 101 November 18, 2014 Halberstam brilliantly enough discusses how CGI, which are out of the norm, are being used to exemplify many ideas such as revolution, capitalism, and transformation. CGI films as explained by Halberstam are movies generated solely by a computer that breaks off from societal norms which can be considered as being queer, different or odd, to Halberstam. Movies that include animating revolt usually incorporate human and non-human struggles in which two groups are then pit against each other to show a theme that would never be shown in adult movies. In the movie, Chicken Run, the chickens are the oppressed people of society while Mr. Tweedy and Mrs. Tweedy are the ones in control.…show more content…
Woody goes through many milestones in which he shows that being a failure is not such a bad thing after all. Collectivity is shown in the move when Buzz and Woody, the replaced toy, accidentally set off on an adventure and are forced to work together to overcome many obstacles. At one point in the movie, they are trapped in a claw machine and have to find a way out. Although their plan to escape the claw machine goes very south, Woody still tries to help out Buzz. Halberstam would focus on the scene when Buzz and Woody are “won” by Sid the Bully, one of the antagonists in the movie, they are brought to his house and are selected as the ‘lucky’ patients in Sid’s next toy surgery; Buzz and Woody yet again must come together to get out of this horrible predicament. A couple of scenes later they are seen trying to fight of a group of toys who have already been operated upon by Sid but Buzz and Woody do not know that these toys are just like them. They also want to escape from the horrible prison they have been placed in but cannot due to their deformation, so they work together to help out Woody and Buzz escape. Halberstam would notice the change of character the ‘evil’ toys undergo because Halberstam believes that most CGI films include characters that are failures, the deformed toys, and then become great due to their
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