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Ha Customer Service
Ramona Russell
Davenport University
Professor Rhonda Bunce

One of the customer – service agents for, Bill Ryan, is “one of 30 customer - service agents at, an online market-place owned by eBay Inc., the Internet auction company” (Milkovich, Newman, & Gerhart, 2011). lists all the products from sellers for the public, on their website and acts more like an intermediate between the buyers and the sellers. receives all inquires about the products sold on the website from customers, then the customer service agents contact the sellers with the questions and lastly, once the information is received, contacts the customer back to pass
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He is well trained to answer any inquires but some of the questions have to be referred to supervisors or sellers.
Useful Information
The most useful information to me is the information provided about the way Mr. Ryan handled disgruntled customers, especially the ones over the phone: “Mr. Ryan remains calm, calling on skills he learned in a one-day seminar called “Dealing With Difficult People.” In the class, which he took before coming to, he learned to paraphrase what the customer is saying to make sure he understands the complaint. Mr. Ryan also takes care to speak clearly with strong sense of empathy… An observer listening to Mr. Ryan gets the sense that he is not acting” (Milkovich, Newman, & Gerhart, 2011).
I find this information valuable as I am also working in a customer service area, and dealing with unhappy customers is a must. Mr. Ryan’s behavior shows his dedication and illustrates the way one should be treated when upset. Mr. Ryan first, remains calm, secondly listens to the customer, and then repeats to make sure he understands the complaint. It is imperative that the representative truly understands the problem so he or she can fix it, thus making wrong things right.
Additional Information
I would have liked to read more about other ways Mr. Ryan deals with unhappy customers, over the phone, or online. There is a big
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