Half-Hours In School

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Why Schools Shouldn't Add an Hour and a Half

At first thought, more time in school may seem like a way to improve students’ academic ability, but its effects are quite contradicting. Schools should not add one and a half hours to school each day. Students with many extracurricular activities will find it hard to maintain their other hobbies and interests. Teachers also have other things to do that could relate to their career or personal life that must be done outside of school. These activities could be negatively affected by an extra 90 minutes of teaching. The extra time in class will also reduce the amount of concentration both the teacher and students have in class. Though education is important, everybody has their own talents that could be restricted or even dropped off due to more time in school.

For students that have many extra-curricular activities and hobbies to engage in, a longer school day would prove to be an inconvenience. Homework would also be a problem, resulting in hobbies and interests fading away over the course of time. I know of many people who already find it to be a bit of a struggle attend extra-curricular clubs and sports meets on time due to school. This change will only make things worse and they may have to discontinue these classes or clubs. This could lead to less
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Teachers might have tasks that have to be done and taken care of outside of school. They need to have time with their families, and this could get cut off by more time in school. The time they have to make school plans would be reduced as well, which would reduce the effectiveness of their classes and teaching. The teachers also need time to unwind and do things they enjoy, and the additional hour and a half in school would definitely reduce their leisure time. Just as too little time outside of school could cause problems, too much time in school will cause problems as
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