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Essay on Half-mown lawn At some point, the rhythm of our lives all comes down to habits. Work and household becomes routines, and most importantly the people surrounding us become an integrated part of our lives. It all comes to a point where we are so used to having someone around, because he or she has always been there and we assume that he or she always will be there. When they suddenly not are there, it seems close to impossible to move on and let go of your old routines. In Dan Powell’s short story Half-mown lawn, the reader is introduced to Annie who is struggling with the difficulties of letting go immediately after her husband has passed away unexpectedly. When she is suddenly faced with having to reorganize her daily schedule,…show more content…
‘It’s my first day here. I don’t know what to do about this,’ she says. ‘I don’t know what to do either,’ Annie says, her eyes checking the aisle signs once more.” (p. 63 ll. 7-12). Her phrase has to be understood in a wider context; Annie does not speak of the problem with the purse left at home, her mind is however on her own situation, acknowledging that she does not know how to handle it herself. As her daily routine changes, one element of the story keeps reminding Annie of her husband’s death; the half-mown lawn. Her notice of the lawn is described several times throughout the story in nearly every paragraph, making the title of the story very relevant for Annie’s ability to move forward. It seems as if she clearly sees the uncut grass in sharp contrast to the cut grass, and towards the end she even sees the marking of his body in the grass, “Unable to sleep, Annie pulls her dressing gown about her, walks downstairs, slips on her garden shoes and steps slowly out, taking care only to walk on the mown part of the lawn. […] Where he fell, the shape of him remains pressed in the long grass.” (p. 65 ll. 27-32). The delusions she is having are almost child-like, unable to believe what is happening to her. She sees his outline in the

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