Halfborn Gunderson: A Narrative Fiction

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Magnus walked through the halls of floor 19 and he passed a door, Halfborn Gunderson was inscribed, surrounded by a ring of viking runes. He could hear sounds of shouting and loud clanging sounds. The next door read Mallory Keen, behind the door was silence. The next door read Thomas Jefferson Jr. and the sounds of gunfire echoed from behind the door, Magnus could not be sure if it was fake gunfire or actual. The next door was marked with just an X, and in front of the door a pig's head was lying. Magnus frowned and kept walking. He ducked as a raven flew past his head, almost hitting his ear and turned to Hunding. “What was that?!” He asked. “A raven,” was all that Hunding said in reply, Magnus frowned. He soon reached a door that said Magnus…show more content…
“I’ll take you down to the mess hall before dinner starts,” she said and inserted a red keycard into a slot and let the elevator take them down. The doors opened and Magnus’ eyes flew wide. There was a large tree in the middle of the room and different animals in the tree and people trying to get the milk dropping down from one of the fat goats. Sam explained what they were. Magnus also learned that she was mortal and living. He stopped asking questions as a large horn blew and the doors flew open and a stream of people raced in. Sam grabbed his wrist and flew into the air, as they flew Magnus saw a few others flying in the air as well. As they landed at a table, a man sitting at a long table at the front of the room stood and raised his arms. “Tonight, thanks to our Captain Valkyrie, Gunilla, we will not be hearing the tales from the Valkyries but we will be able to see them!” Cue cheering, Samirah’s eyes flew wide as she…show more content…
“What’s so bad about that?” He asked, Samirah ignored him and looked worriedly at the table of Thanes, as Magnus had learned they were called. The first person to go up was a man named Lars Alhstrom, the video showed him saving people from a sinking ship, he died when his head hit a window, the Thanes were trying to decide whether a fire extinguisher counted as a weapon. Sam explained that to get into Valhalla was that you had to die with a weapon in hand. The next girl was named Dede and she saved people but was killed while holding an

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