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DON SERVILLANO PLATON MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL Sta. Cruz Tinambac Camarines Sur S/Y 2012-2013 The Effect of Bullying In The School to Students of Don Servillano Platon Memorial High School Janice Tamayo Inocencio (Researcher) Mrs. Adelaida Espejo (English Professor) Acknowledgements I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the special people who have extended their assistance for the success of this study; The Almighty God, who is the source of life and strength of knowledge and wisdom. Mrs.Ellen A. Yoga and Mrs. Erlie A. Canada for her genuine apprehension, encouragement, patient and guidance and whose expertise and knowledge…show more content…
& Dupper, D.R. 2005). It is only in recent years that bullying has been recognized and recorded as a separate and distinct offence, but there have been well documented cases that have been recorded over the centuries. The Fifth Volume of the New gate Calenda (Complete New gate CalendarTarlton Law Library) contains at least one example where Eton Scholars George Alexander Wood and Alexander Wellesley Leith were charged, at Aylesbury Assizes, with killing and slaying the Hon. F. Ashley Cooper on February 28, 1825 in an incident which might today be described as "lethal hazing(George Alexander Wood and Alexander Wellesley Leith,2003) The New gatecalenda contains several other examples that, while not as distinct, could be considered indicative of situations of bullying. Virginia Woolf considered fascism to be a form of bullying, and wrote of Hitler and the Nazis in 1934 as "these brutal bullies. ( Zwerdling, 1987) Bullying behavior can have negative consequences for both the bully and the victim. Studies have shown that boys identified as bullies in middle school were four times as likely as their peers to have more than one criminal conviction by age twenty-four. Children who bully are more likely to engage in other criminal and anti-social behaviors, such as Fighting, Vandalism, Truancy, Dropping out of school.
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