Hallington Case Study

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Connor Ferguson
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Jo-anne Goodpipe
January 29, 2016
Full Case Analysis of Hallington Utilities Services Company
Case Analysis: Case overview 1. Summary of the situation
Hallington Utilities Services is first introduced as a utility that distributes electrical power to customers in the municipality of Hallington. In the mid-1990s, the Ontario government decided it should move to deregulate the electrical power market because residents and businesses in Ontario were drastically overpaying for services and were considered the third-highest electricity generation rates in Canada, with no choice of suppliers. HUS was reorganized. It now responded to a Board of Directors. This Board adopted the vision: Excellence in customer
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Along with this great burden of “pleasing everyone,” she must make decisions that will also satisfy her bosses as well as decisions that will progress the company and drive profit margins in the northern direction. It is fairly obvious that there is a massive series of changes coming. My assumption of this inevitable change is that Forbes would not be able to handle this daunting task alone. I believe in order to successfully adapt to this change, Forbes must create an open line of communication not only between herself and the employees, but also with her bosses. The lack of communication is a major theme in this case, along with change, however; In order for there to be sufficient change, communication must be improved first.
My ending thought to this case study is that Forbes has a very difficult situation to try and solve to the best of her abilities and no matter what she chooses she will have to deal with backlash from someone who is not pleased with her decision. Another issue that concerns me is that Forbes is
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