Hallmark Coaching Assignment : Coaching

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Hallmark Coaching Assignment
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Introduction The most useful way of developing people’s abilities and skills is coaching. Coaching boosts individual’s performance. It enables the client and individuals to achieve their ability’s maximum potential. It can also help individuals to deal with the challenges and issues of skills and competencies, before the issues become client’s major problem. The coaching sessions generally takes place as a conversation between the coachee (the individual who is being trained or coached) and the coach, the conversation identifies the problems that the coach can help the coachee with (Alyce, 2014). Organizations use coaching as a tool for correction, they use coaching when the process has performed wrong. While most of the organizations use coaching positively to maintain the consistency of performance, and controlling the errors that might occur in the process of operation. The professional coaches are qualified people who improve the efficiency and performance’s effectiveness of clients, helping them to achieve their full potential.

Establishing the Coaching Relationship Successful coaches recognize the benefit of increasing the value of client over time and the subsequent benefits of both, the coach and the client’s development. Transferring ability (communication) is the key to help clients in overcoming their problems and difficulties and ensures a…

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