Halloween : A Little Boy

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As you grow older your views on what you fear change. As a child, I developed a fear of little things such as ghost, the dark, etc. Once I grow into an adults I developed a of things observed on a daily. Americans between the age group of children and adolescents introduce themselves to bigger fears by watching movies that replay on the already experienced fears. For example: Freddy Krueger, Jason, Vampires, Werewolves, etc. The movies being watched are believed to be based on serial killers, who become glorified for the crimes committed and made into huge stars that we love. In the film Halloween, a little boy name Michael Myers kills his sister at the age of six. Twenty years later Michael return 's to his home town Haddonfield, Illinois to kill a group of teenagers that appear around his deceased sister age. Halloween identifies as one of those gruesome films that you question, because he was a six year old when he first killed. To society Michael exemplify monster qualities because at that age, how can someone so young stab his sister or anyone to death. Michael Myers poses as a Monster in America, he demonstrates traits of the devil in him and express his hate by killing his family, by existing in a dysfunctional family.
Michael watches his sister over sexualize herself which leads him to kill his sister. During the 1970s movies concentrated on punishing women who sexualized themselves by killing and committing violent acts against them. Judith exemplified the role

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