Halloween Narrative

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On a dark and creepy day on Halloween night some kids were going trick or treating but not all of them. Except the three Jameson kids who decided to stay home this year. The oldest boy’s name is Tommy, the middle child is a girl and her name is Sara lastly the youngest boy’s name is Tyrone. Before the permission from their mom, she has warned them about the missing kids who didn't decide to participate in Halloween last year who went off to do whatever they wanted and were missing so she is hopeful that they are not planning on going anywhere this halloween. An hour passed by and they realized that it was only 11:00 and Halloween wasn’t over yet. On the other hand, they were not even receiving candy so Tommy has come up with an idea that instead of staying in the house empty handed; he has something else in mind. Maybe we can sneak out the house and go to the haunted mansion by the gloomy corn field. Sarah did not agree, but it will be better than staying in the house. Tyrone agrees with anything but he just wants a piece of candy before the night is over.

Meanwhile, Tommy has realized that his mom wouldn't like it one bit and it wouldn't be easy to get pass her downstairs. So he decides to inform his brother and sister that they have to sneak out into their garage to get their bikes. As they are climbing out the window he told them to be really quiet. So far they had successfully got their bikes and started riding. In the meantime Tyrone has mentioned that there is a
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