Halloween Night To Kill A Mockingbird Research Paper

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Halloween night truly was a house of horrors in Maycomb. It was a normal Halloween until Officer Heck Tate found Bob Ewell, Maycomb citizen and father to eight children, dead underneath the big oak tree. Scout and Jem Finch were on their way home from the Halloween pageant when Jem, the elder of the two, heard a rustling noise that stopped when they stopped and began when they did. Scout believed it was Cecil Jacobs, a friend of the two, trying to scare them. They almost reached the road when the pursuer began to run. Jem yelled for Scout to run, but she lost her balance due to her costume. Scout heard struggling behind her, when she felt Jem drag her to the road. Scout heard a noise and ran towards Jem, but before she reached him, Bob
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