Halloween Of 2012 : A Storm Sandy

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As the Halloween this season comes and goes once again as it always does, when all of the candy is thrown out, the costumes are put in storage and parties die down, we laugh and reminisce about the fun memories the holiday brought that year. However, for people who lived in the north east in 2012, instead of packing our costumes we packed our clothes to leave our homes indefinitely, instead of throwing out our candy we threw out old pictures, toys, and sentiments ruined by flooding and winds, and instead of partying with friends we held our loved ones close, because we didn’t know what the future had in store for them. Ironically, Halloween of 2012 was the scariest of all because it brought a real threat, a raging storm that would impact and hurt the lives of so many named Super Storm Sandy. No one believed the storm would be as bad as it was, after all, growing up in a beach town when someone says hurricane you think of light rain and maybe some wind. But this time it was different, Sandy was a perfect storm, all arrows pointed to destruction and that is exactly what happened. During this storm many people were critically injured, many lost their homes becoming impoverished, and people even lost their lives. Among the miles and miles of our country 's eastern coastline, devastation hit. Places like Ortley Beach were often referred to as “ground zero” because after Sandy was done, there was little remnants of it. This third degree category hurricane which later was
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