Halloween Trick or Treating Story Essay

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Waylon and his older brother Jesse were spending another Halloween pounding the pavement. It was getting dark and cold. Mom and dad sat in the minivan across the street as the kids knocked on doors and did their best to scare the residents of Tucson. Waylon was dressed as SpongeBob, while his big brother had dressed up as a pirate. Of course Jesse was the best he told everyone so. “We better make this the last house, WayWay. It's getting cold and mom is tired,” Jesse said holding his hand. “Well let's do the scary house last,” Waylon said. “The spooky house?” Jesse asked. Waylon smiled wide and pointed across the road to a massive black house all on its own. It sat at the end of the cul- de- sac, black timber slats and a yard that…show more content…
“WayWay!,” Jesse said loud, trying to not shout in case he woke the residents up. He scuttled down the path after his brother, who was determined to knock on this door. Up the rickety porch steps he went, it creaked and crackled under his weight. “No.... stop!” Jesse yelled as Waylon reached up and pulled the door knocker back to swing it. BOOM! The door shuddered so hard it scared Waylon. Jesse scrambled up the steps and held his hand. “This better be a candy house,” Jesse said shaking like a leaf. They stood with their candy bags out as they heard loud thudding footsteps. “I'm scared Jesse,” Waylon said. The doorknob turned and a tall man in black clothing stood glaring at them. The two kids gazed up at him shivering in their shoes. Jesse elbowed his brother forwards. “Ummm ahh trick or ...... treat?” Waylon said. The tall man glared at them. In his hand was a bowl of candy, all types of chocolate , hard candy, liquorice and chocolate marshmallows. He stood glaring at them for a second, and then lowered his huge body to eye level. His face was pale and scabby. “I choose TRICK!” he yelled as he dropped the candy on the floor and chased after them. “Run!!” Jesse screamed as he grabbed Waylon's hand dragging him down the rickety steps and along the yard past the knobbly grass stumps and half broken bicycles. Jesse turned quickly and he could see the man looking at them, chasing them with his arms out stretched. “I'm gonna get you kids!” The crazy
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