Halloweentown: Good Vs. Evil In The Movie

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As the whimsical tune of Halloweentown begins to play, your childhood memories seem to come to life before your eyes. Before the movie even really begins, the feeling of nostalgia washes over you as you anticipate what next on the Cromwell witches will have to face now. First, it was Kalabar and his scheme to take over the mortal word. Now, it’s Kal and his desire to avenge his father that Marnie and the Cromwell witches have to take on. No matter what they face, we know that good will always triumph evil. Such a motto can be seen throughout the entire movie, and, at one point, is even quoted. Good versus evil is what runs Disney movies, but what really makes it a good Disney movie? What makes it stick in our youthful brains that eventually…show more content…
They appear to be cheesy and grainy, and, honestly, they’re a little silly. The movie also has one of the strangest endings in which Kal turns into a ball of light and ascends into the ceiling, only to poof away and never return again. However, where it falls short on special effects, graphics, and choppy villain resolve it makes up with strong family ties, character/costume design, and the wholesome thought of good triumphing evil. Throughout the movie, you witness strong family ties. They’re a family that never gives up on each other, and they’re always there for each other when needed. They genuinely care for each other; you can see the love in the family. Not only is there a strong love for their family, but there’s love for the neighbors. Aggie Cromwell is always kind to the people of Halloweentown and those in the mortal world. She’s always trying to make everyone feel good and genuinely kind to others. Along with the strong family ties, the character designs are phenomenal. They’re wacky and eye-catching and extremely colorful. The characters are so wild that you don’t know exactly where to stare, so when you watch the movie again, you notice new details in the character’s appearance. Therefore, more attention is brought to Halloween 2 because the gray spell is taking away the colorful appearance of the people of

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