Hamas: A Terrorist Association of the Islamic Resistance Movement

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HAMAS Introduction HAMA (Harakat al-Muqawammah al-Islammiyya) refers to a terrorist association of the Islamic Resistance Movement created over 20 years ago, in 1987. The group has over 1,000 members at this time and classifies itself as a nationalist/separatist and religious group. However, many critics argue (and rightly so) that it is a terrorist organization and that far too many people are averse or in denial of this fact. However, technically, the United States is one of the many nations who view it as a terrorist organization. In fact, professionals and scholars in the realm of international relations largely view Hamas "as an obstacle to the Arab-Israeli peace process and the goal of a two-state solution. As a result, Western nations, including the United States, have tried to embolden the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority while isolating Hamas, which has historically kept strong ties to Iran" (cfr.org). On the other hand, Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations have been paused since 2010 and they are constantly held in a precarious balance even without the presence of Hamas, some argue; for instance the friction between Israel and Hamas in Gaza in late 2012 has consistently chipped away at the prospects for renewed talks in the future. According to cfr.org, for the last decade or so, the official leader of Hamas has been Khaled Meshaal, a former educator who works out of Doha, Qatar; the prime minister is Ismail Haniyeh who is based in Gaza and who used to be

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