Hamburger Hill Shows the Reasons against the Vietnam War

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When you think about the Vietnam War you think about Hamburger Hill. This battle was one of the hardest fought battles in the Vietnam War. The battle on Hamburger Hill had a very important role on why President Nixon implemented Vietnamization, a policy to reduce American ground combat and put the responsibility on the South Vietnamese Army. This battle is the reason why we shouldn’t have been in Vietnam War and why the American people should have honored the Vietnam veterans that fought in this unpopular war. Throughout this paper you will be introduced to the events that won the battle, and the overall effects the battle had towards the mindset of the United States. (Tucker, 2001, p.160) The Battle of Hamburger Hill was part of Operation Apache Snow. The operation was designed to keep pressure on the North Vietnamese Army in the Shau Valley in northern part of South Vietnam. The operation was a three part operation that began during the spring of 1969. The second part of the operation was to be fought around Dong Ap Bia mountain near the Laotian border. The mountain was called Hill 937 but later changed to Hamburger Hill because it turned into a “meat grinder”. (Summers, 1985, p.184) The tactic used by the United States during this battle were to use heavy artillery, napalm, and air strikes followed by assaulting the enemy positions with infantry soldiers that would use hand to hand contact to defeat the North Vietnamese Army. This tactic was very common throughout the
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