Hamilton: A Short Story

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The Sheriff Department of Hamilton was nothing more than an office attached to the city’s small library. Inside two desks sat facing one another against the longest wall. Philece’s dispatch area was a small table with an out of date computer. The radio equipment was set into a shelf built into the wall. A single holding cell was on the opposite side of the room, two large file cabinets sat on the left of its door.

Robert paced the length of the office as David and Allison sat watching the scene. Occasionally, he’d stop, turn to look at Allison, start to speak only to stop and continue pacing.

After the Volunteer Rescue showed, they moved Detective Fisher from the hood and administered first aid. It seemed like hours before the ambulance arrived. The entire time David and Allison stood close and glanced at
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“I don’t know,” David huffed. “When I first saw Allison, something sort of clicked. Like I’ve known her all my life. Who knows, I might’ve known her before my accident.”

Robert pressed his lips thin, “Yeah, your accident which happened to take place at the same park that I found her corpse in.”

Allison defensively blurted, “And what’s that suppose to mean?”

Robert shook his head. “I don’t know,” Robert walked over to the holding cell and unlocked the door. “I don’t know what any of this means. You two have a choice to make. Y'all can either get in the cell and wait here until I get back, or you can come with me to take a look at the park. And you need to decide quick.”

Allison leaned as far back in the chair as she could manage, “Oh no, not happening.” She glared at Sheriff Higgins and continued, “I know my rights, and this is the definition of illegal detainment.”

David nodded and added, “She’s right Sheriff, and like you’ve already said, I’m a witness to something else.”

“Yeah, well you can sue me after this is over,” said Robert as he pointed into the cell, “So, what’s it going to be then, in or
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