Hamilton Thomas Jefferson Analysis

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In the musical Hamilton, it establishes the legendary rivalry between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson through a competitive rap battle that goes back and forth in front of President George Washington. The new nation is in dire need of a path to go on to further it's growth as a united collective of states. Hamilton proposes the establishment of a national bank, but is challenged by others like Jefferson, who think it is unethical. Jefferson firmly establishes his position of political, social and economic stature by quoting his composition of the Declaration of Independence; and his support of state governments and individual rights of citizens in the country. Thus, he is also for limited government control over states. The musical…show more content…
Hamilton steps forth into the battle by noting Jefferson's work on the Declaration of Independence, but mocking him by saying he is so behind the times, stuck in his venture of France while missing the combat of the Revolution. Thus, Hamilton places doubt on Jefferson as a protector of American citizen values as he wasn't there for the important point of the country's beginning. Hamilton also mocks Jefferson's statement of him being part of the eerier of southern growers of products, saying that he was not the one doing the dirty, manual labor but his slaves. The battle comes to an end by Washington, who is interested in his proposal that could help America's economy stand on two legs. However, Hamilton would have to reach a compromise with others like Jefferson and Madison in order to get enough support for this plan. While doing so, Jefferson and Madison mock Hamilton for his “failure.” Hamilton would have to combine his proposal of a national bank and ways to combat national debt, through methods such as taxes in a way that could appeal to opponents of his “northern, baker, more federal powered” approach to stabilizing the national debt. If he can't have a great compromise that could help out America's economic woes in an appealing to both Northerns and Southerners, farmers and bankers alike, Washington would have to relieve Hamilton of his duties in the
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