Hamlet : A Comparison Of Beowulf And Hamlet

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When lining the characters Beowulf, from Beowulf by R.M Liuzza, and Hamlet, from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, side by side, the parallels of these characters are often overlooked. At a first glance, we see Beowulf, the strong warrior who died whilst defeating three gruesome monsters, and then Hamlet, the problematic and fearful prince who died trying to fulfill a foolish act of hatred. Ultimately, we view them as hero and anti-hero. As this is a common conclusion for readers, it’s often the only one they come to due to society’s influence in literature. We believe that what society believes as a whole is correct and decide to not investigate further. However, if we chose to overlook these common misconceptions we will notice how similar these two characters truly are. Although both characters vary in how they come across in such situations, they ultimately face similar circumstances. Both Beowulf and Hamlet rid Denmark of a monster, are courageous, and die in victory. The two stories follow young men on a journey to rid a kingdom of the monsters that exist within. Beowulf does so by traveling to the land of the Danes in hopes of defeating the vicious monster Grendel, “...for a great while-/twelve long winters...” (Beowulf l. 146-147). Beowulf chooses to fight this monster for the pure reason of proving his skills in battle and bravery. Ultimately, it is his egotistical views of himself that lead him on his journey. Hamlet on the other hand wishes to rid Denmark of their

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