Hamlet : A Comparison Of William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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It is a belief held by many that classic works should never be tampered with, as any alterations made would be a defamation of those works importance. However, interpretations of famous works are never created with the intention of making those works seem less influential than they actually are. When revamping a classic work, most people are attempting to either honor that work or increase its relevance in modern society. While modern interpretations of William Shakespeare's Hamlet may seem crude and inaccurate, they are actually helping the famed play stay relevant in the modern era. Modern parodies of Hamlet become less about honoring the original source material and more about creating entertaining content for audiences. One version of Hamlet, portrayed in The Simpsons episode "Tales from the Public Domain", takes a comedic approach that does not stay completely true to the plot of the Shakespearean tragedy. While the parody revolves around Hamlet avenging his father's murder, the major plot points, mainly the characters' deaths, are changed in order to present the play as more of a comedy. Ophelia, for instance, does not want to be upstaged by Hamlet's madness and begins to act crazy, which is drastically different from her insanity due to Polonius' death. Additionally, Laertes dies at his own hand, instead of Hamlet's, because he takes a practice stab at himself. Hamlet and Gertrude's death are also altered to be more hilarious, as Hamlet dies by slipping in blood and
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