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Timothy Sharps
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December 7, 2015

Hamlet Analysis
Prince Hamlet is a man who enjoys contemplating difficult philosophical questions. When his father the king of Denmark, was killed by his uncle. when Hamlet returns he sees his ghost after he returns home to find evidence of his father’s death. The Ghost of Hamlet tells Prince Hamlet that his uncle Claudius his uncle was the one who killed his father with poison of the ear. Throughout the rest of the story with him, Hamlet seeks to prove his uncle Claudius and guilt him into telling before he takes action against him. But, Hamlet is pensive ad extremum, at times even brooding; he constantly overuses his intellect while ignoring his emotions and ignoring what he thinks "feels right." His sense of logic causes him to delay his revenge against Claudius until the end of hamlet story where he kills Claudius and proves that he has progressed into a truly mad character.
At the beginning of the story, Hamlet acts out of pure intellect and processed logic. He suppresses his emotions and trusts only in the power of his mind. When Hamlet encounters his father 's ghost, he does not believe it is his father, but then his emotions reaction upon seeing his father and then Hamlet says “Let me not burst in ignorance; but tell / Why thy canoniz 'd bones, hearsed in death, / Have burst their cerements . . Say, why is this? wherefore? what should we do?” (I.iv.46-48,57). Hamlet is so baffled and confused by the sight of his…
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