Hamlet And Claudius Leadership Analysis

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An effective leader is a person with a vision to change various aspects for the better of society and is dedicated to do anything. In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare there are numerous individuals showing leadership qualities, but are the qualities enough for a successful leader? Even though Hamlet and Claudius both represent leaders, Claudius reveals that even with facing difficulty he is able to manage. In contrast, Hamlet is driven by his ambitions for revenge. Three fundamental components that should be a part of a good leader include, an individual who is able to, draw on resources, adjust to change, and able to manage emotions.

Hamlet and Claudius, both are able to use individuals as a resource when in difficulty, a skill a leader must have. Hamlet was able to use Horatio and Marcellus as a resource to find the ghost. This allowed Hamlet to uncover Claudius’ deeds by discovering the ghost. “I will watch tonight. Perchance/ 'Twill walk again” (I.ii.243-244). This provides evidence that Hamlet is able to benefit from individuals and he can rely upon individuals as well. In a similar way, Claudius is also able to use others as a resource when needed. He uses the assistance of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern:
But we both obey,
And here give up ourselves, in the full bent
To lay our service freely at your feet,
To be commanded. (II.ii.27-34)
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While Hamlet and Claudius both demonstrate characteristics of a leader, Claudius is a more effective leader with the essential qualities that Hamlet lacks due to his desires for revenge. Not everyone can be a leader, as it requires an individual with a passion to lead everyone else and needs to have traits that other individuals lack. When everyone is passing through a difficult phase, the leader needs to bring everyone back on task, and only very few individuals have this
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