Hamlet And Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Every play has its own psychology and every author is a psychologist. Like many other plays, Hamlet is a very complex one. It includes various families and portrays their problems to one another. Some of these families with problems are: Hamlet and Claudius, Ophelia and Hamlet and Laertes and Hamlet. I am mentioning Hamlet in all of them, because Hamlet is the source of all the troubles that those families encounter. The problems the characters encounter can be real and the solutions are not practical but yet, many people in the world we live in today will go to extremes just to solve a problem One example of a problem which we can see many of times and is really common is the death of loved one, this tragic event can lead us to depression, and if it was murder, it can lead to revenge and madness which is the same thing that happened to Hamlet, or to Ophelia which caused her to suicide. Some psychologists such as Alfred Adler, Sigmund Freud and Elisabeth Kübler Ross have tried finding ways to understand the human mind in the way of pleasure, pain, and many other emotions. These psychologist have developed many tools for literary critics to use and try to get in the head of patients, but in my case I will use their theories which I have studied carefully to explain them, and then be able to apply them successfully to the work of Hamlet. Psychoanalysis is the investigation of the human brain and finding out the root for a problem or an illness. When a psychoanalyst finds an

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